From Sea to Sea: An Exploration of Canada by Bicycle


Trevor Hennessey

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Day 121:

My victory photo. This is the photo that I sent with a thank you note to every single person who let me spend the night in their yard. You can't see all the fish guts that I'm standing on but I figured the picture was worth it. Looking at this photo I must also say that I have never been in this good shape in my entire life and probably never will be again. Yep, I put on 20 pound this trip and all of it muscle. Unfortunately as I write this, it has not lasted :-(

I hope you enjoyed this photo tour of my cross-Canada adventure. Download the first 80 days worth of my travelogue on the main page of this site to read about the events behind the photos. If you enjoy my story you can buy the entire book for $5. I hope you like it.


Trevor Hennessey