From Sea to Sea: An Exploration of Canada by Bicycle


Trevor Hennessey

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Day 60:

On the way out of Thunder Bay I stopped at the Terry Fox memorial. It was beautiful. The sculptor caught him perfectly, right in mid stride. The strain and effort required for him to push on is clearly written on his face and I can see how hard it was for him. Traveling alone, along the same route that he would have taken I can imagine what he was going through. Alone with the hardships of weather and insects and fatigue, he kept on running until his cancer returned and he had to quit, to sicken and then to die. It brought me to tears to realize that this man was nearly my age when he passed by this way. It was very moving. Of course the government has placed a sign on the Terry Fox Highway saying "No running, no cycling." Are they clueless idiots or what? I ignored it and pressed on.