From Sea to Sea: An Exploration of Canada by Bicycle


Trevor Hennessey

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Day 76:

They grow their hills BIG in Ontario. This one just about killed me. The day was 35 degrees Celsius and 98% humidy. It was HOT! I swear that the hill had to be over 20%, it was unbelievable. If this picture from the top makes it look like it drops off the face of the Earth that is simply because it does! It was so steep I could not even pedal up it. In lowest gear and standing up I could barely move forward. Pushing the bike did not fare much better, I could only take five, staggering steps before having to hold the brakes to keep the bike from rolling backward and stop to regain some energy. Half an hour later I made it too the top, three quarters dead and ready to pass out. The next photo is of me just after reaching the top.