From Sea to Sea: An Exploration of Canada by Bicycle

British Columbia

Trevor Hennessey

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Day 8:

Climbing Anarchist. I am only 1/4 of the way up and you can see the elevation I have gained already. You can see Osoyoos down below and in the background you can see the road to Richter pass looking like it is going vertical. As a side note, this is where Ironman Canada is held and they have to climb Richter as well as all those rolling hills I did yesterday on the 180 km bicycle portion of the race and to top it off they have to do it in August! Here it is only May and I was dying of the heat, by the time I got on the road after the bike repairs it was 35 degrees. As I was climbing Anarchist, every time I saw a stream I would soak my shirt and bandana to try and help cool me off. This had to be repeated every 20 min or so because even in that short time they dried out completely. I also saw my first squashed rattlesnake on the road, I will make sure to be more careful when heading into the bush to take a leak.