From Sea to Sea: An Exploration of Canada by Bicycle

The Prairies

Trevor Hennessey

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1 down - 9 to go Castle Mountain Slice and Dice That's close enough Rats with Hooves
Ab05b Ab06 Ab07 Ab08 Ab09
Robson St? Mountains back, foothills ahead Prairie Thunderstorm Calgary I crossed those!
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Going down Drumheller The Badlands Gostbusters! I'm dead meat!
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Hoodoos DANGER! 2 down - 8 to go Big Sky country Wild roses
Sk04 Sk05 Sk06 Sk07 Sk08
More flowers Clouds Dumb cows Images from the past Blessed Shelter
Sk09 Sk10 Sk11 Sk12 zMn01
Now THAT's flat! The old The new A Big Mountie 3 down - 7 to go
zMn02 zMn03 zMn04 zMn05
Flat! Fields of Gold Fields of Gold 2 Handpicked with care